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Happy Tenants= Happy Landlords

RentCheck believes being a good landlord guarantees that tenants will be happy and will respect and maintain your property.

Here are some useful tips:

1. Be proactive with property maintenance.

Be available by telephone, text, or email and respond quickly to repair requests. Have a list of contractors you can call as needed. Additionally, schedule routine property inspections to look for issues your tenant may miss. Fix the small stuff before it becomes a larger problem. You may also consider reminding tenants of things they need to do themselves, like changing air filters on an HVAC system. You could even provide the new filters.

2. Take pride in the outside.

If you own the building, show you care by how it looks. Mow the grass, plant flowers, sweep the sidewalks and shovel snow. Paint the exterior as needed and the interior hallways. Be sure the trash is emptied on time and debris isn’t allowed to accumulate. Keep outdoor common spaces safe and attractive.

3. Care about the inside.

Repaint the apartment, clean or replace carpets as needed to give your property a fresh, clean look. Be sure all windows open and close and door locks work properly.

4. Be organized.

Whether you own one property, 10, or 100, you need to be organized with paperwork. Set up a program to keep track of revenues and expenses. Keep all invoices and receipts. This will help you see how profitable your property is and also help plan a maintenance schedule.

5. Document Your Property’s Condition

Download and use the app RentCheck to document your property’s condition before a tenant moves in and when they move out or request that the renter does the inspection themselves.

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