• Step 1: Setup Property

      Enter property address and details.

      2. Request Inspection

      Enter the tenant's email address to request an inspection.

      3. View Inspection

      View completed detailed inspection report.

    • Why RentCheck?

      A simple way to accurately document and organize rental properties

      Accurate Inspections

      Reliable and Organized

      Organized time-stamped photos and documentation stored securely.

      Save Time

      Tenants Perform Inspections

      Our simple app guides tenants through a detailed move-in and move-out inspection so you don't have to.

      Peace of Mind

      Rent with Transparency

      Landlords have peace of mind using RentCheck because it holds renters accountable.

    • Our Mission

      RentCheck was founded with a simple mission: standardize move-in and move-out inspections to prevent unjust deductions from security deposits, and bring transparency to the rental process. We’ve built a platform service that makes property documentation simple, and we walk you through every step.


      Questions? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you!


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